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When I started my LSS in Health Care training I was the scheduler for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine with 100+ people and 350+ roles to cover - it was a perfect project for LSS.

I recently moved into Government and Community Relations, and am struggling to determine a project in this realm.

I mean I can say we started with 121 Excel files for contacts when I got here, and have now migrated into Marketo where we can track opens, click thru, etc. That process and its outcomes are documentable, but that doesn't seem deep enough to qualify as a BB project.

Yours from Vermont - Staci

StaciAnne Grove
University of Vermont Health Network
Government and Community Relations

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@Stacianne Grove
Hi Staci, what are some elements of your job duties that consume the most time (of you, your colleagues)? Could one of these processes be more efficient and if so, what would make them more efficient? Ideas include moving things to electronic management, combining processes, outsourcing some steps, etc.

Hopefully this helps with your question.