What keeps you up at night?

What are the most significant problems facing health care today? Let's open this discussion and maybe we can help each other work through some of the issues.

Staffing is one that probably affects most of us…what else keeps you up at night?

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@Deborah Meeks
Hi Deborah,

I agree, staffing is a high concern. I would also add the battle between technological advancements and cost of healthcare. Technology carries a high expense for healthcare providers to offer new advances to their patients. However, payer models continue to impact healthcare finances by bundling reimbursements.


@Deborah Meeks

Hi Deborah

I think that we are facing the challenging triangle related to staffing issues due to the insufficiency of healthcare professionals which can be seen evidently in all countries, financing issues especially with the exponential rise in healthcare costs and the chaotic economic conditions affecting the whole globe and finally the marked reliance on advanced technology which comes with a lot of challenges and risks although of bringing a lot of benefits to the healthcare system.