Welcome from the New HCD Chair

Dear Fellow HCD Members,

Welcome to 2022!

Excited to be your Chair for this term! Together with the HCD leadership team, we want to create and enjoy the value of being an HCD member. I am grateful to our Past Chair Debbie and previous leaders for ushering in new member leaders who will all be involved to facilitate the many activities planned this year.

Some of the activities planned include Newsletters, Webinars, new Education & Training ideas, WCQI booth, Networking at the WCQI and virtual Townhall, Scholarship and Service awards, enhanced Website/myASQ community, support for members who would like to advance to Senior/Fellow status and improving the body of knowledge through collaboration with other divisions like Quality Management Division (Healthcare Quality and Improvement Committee). We will also continue providing recertification units for activities, as appropriate.

Given all these activities lined up, we welcome new volunteers to be member leaders. If interested, please feel to reach out here or email me at rsano@memberleader.asq.org.

HCD is a global community of over 7000 members. We have a lot to learn from each other! Join the conversations, the webinars, and all other activities! We look forward to hearing from you!