Experiences with a Pneumatic-Tube System

Hi my name is Scott Cornish and I work in the Process Improvement Office for a large healthcare organization in New Jersey. I'm ‘new’ to healthcare (3 years) but not to ASQ and Quality (nearly 40 years).

I wonder if another organization can help with an improvement project we may start. We use a pneumatic-tube (p-tube) system, probably in the same ways many other healthcare organizations do - blood draws, medications, etc. At times, we have the problem of p-tubes accumulating in some areas while none available in others, for any of a variety of reasons. Do other organizations have a similar situation? What approaches did you use? Thank you and after we complete this effort, I'll share our findings.

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Hi Scott,

When I used to work within the hospital - I would hear pages to please send tube system carriers to X department, routinely. I know if something didn't get to its destination, there was a mechanism to trace the carriers. The sending tube station number and approximate time the carrier was sent was needed to trace the carrier. There wasn't a tracking system per carrier, they could just tell where carriers went from point A to point B during a particular timeframe. Lab is one of those locations that receive a lot of carriers and probably prone to stockpile!!

I know we recently upgraded our system…I'll have to inquire.

Hi Deborah,

Sorry for the tardy response and thank you for getting back to me with your experience. Please let me know anything about the system upgrade as well.