'Quality for Everyone' Healthcare Series
Dear Members,

My name is Anindya Sarangi from ASQ India office based out of New Delhi. We are initiating a free healthcare specific monthly webinar series themed "Quality for Everyone". The objective of this initiative is to create better awareness around Quality Practices and appreciation of Quality tools and techniques in healthcare.

We are looking for speakers and topics which will be relevant in developing the healthcare community. This session will be for 1.5 hours and keeping the India time zone in mind, it will be early hours in US. The audience will comprise of healthcare management students and healthcare quality practitioner.

So far we have already finalised the following topics:
  1. Understanding performance quality in healthcare
  2. Cost of Quality
  3. Building a Service Quality Culture and Mindset
  4. Quality for Holistic Wellbeing
We welcome more topics and speakers which will help build a strong quality healthcare community here in India.

Interested members may please reach out to me directly on asarangi@asq.org or asqindia@asq.org

With regards,

Anindya Sarangi
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This sounds amazing!!
Thanks for sharing this opportunity with the HCD.
Hopefully some of our members will be able to assist you in this effort.
I, personally, will give it some thought and get back with you.
Thanks Debbie, I will look forward to your guidance and suggestion.
Dear Ms.Anindya

First of all, I like to appreciate your initiative and I would like to participate in one of the sessions if you do not mind. The topic is up to you just tell me what are the main topics you are interested in. Secondly, I would like to publish something about your initiative in our next newsletter. Kindly, write a brief summary about the initiative and the links to watch such webinars if available on YouTube or LinkedIn. I may also ask you to write an article in our upcoming newsletter if you like. Contact me through my email dr_m_radwan79@hotmail.com

Best regards