Happy New Year!!!
2020...what a year!
Virtual became the routine.
Work/life balance turned into a grey zone. Home, work, school...sometimes all at once...sometimes all in the same place!
Overworked or not working (furloughed)
Spending more time with your immediate family, less time with the extended/distant family and friends
Caring for family at a distance, sometimes visiting only through a pane of glass or via a tablet.
Who would have believed it!
Celebrations turned into drive by's or other virtual events (birthdays, weddings, births, and deaths)
Wearing a mask is required when going into a bank!! Well anywhere these days...but it has finally become a habit - works well in the winter (keeps the face warm)
Free food and drink for essential personnel and first responders!
Toilet paper shortages...enough said about that!

As we move into 2021 with renewed hope for an end (or at least containment) of the Coronavirus...what do you feel are the lessons learned, what will stick (not go back to the way it was pre-COVID), or what are your most memorable moments? I, personally, am amazed with people, we are resilient. We find a way to make it through/ make things happen...most people are at their best when facing difficult times.