In these COVID-19 Times, What is "New Normal" Looking Like for You?
Hello fellow Healthcare Division members and interested persons. As some health care facilities start resuming services that were placed on hold during the peak period of the COVID-19 pandemic, what is that looking like in your organizations? 
For us, we have ramped up elective surgical, GI, cath lab, and imaging procedures, requiring COVID testing prior to procedures and of course, continue to mask ourselves,  patients, and visitors. We had our first in-person medical staff meeting this week! Not surprising (perhaps) was that it was the Women and Infants section; I am the Quality/Improvement representative. All of us were masked and maintained 6 feet separation. It took the most of a large room, but worked surprisingly well. The improvement tip: Have microphones for the softer spoken speakers, as masking further softens their voices.
Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!
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Great topic Sue!
As with many hospitals – we are also bringing back the elective surgeries – with preop COVID testing. Staff and visitors need to be checked (temp, other symptoms) upon entrance. Masks are required. All meetings, to my knowledge, are still virtual. Where appropriate, staff are working from home.
From the laboratory perspective: Most Lab managers (there was a backorder) have webcams and are expected to use them.  Face to face meetings and on-site visits are restricted to operational need only. We have daily system-wide Laboratory management huddles – something that grew from daily COVID-19 huddles. With 18 facilities (spanning across VA and into NC) – this huddle helps everyone have a better understanding of what’s happening across the system as we deal with both COVID-19 and continued efforts with consolidation and standardization (Life goes on!). We now have brought up COVID-19 testing at multiple facilities.
As with many people, external assessments/inspections are gearing up. DNV, our hospital accrediting body, is planning a virtual inspection. Our lab accrediting bodies are required to be on-site but are exploring a virtual portion, i.e. Document Control. IT and virtual options are definitely a major player in today’s environment.
Times they are a changing!!
Debbie meeks