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Juan Loera
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Looking for benchmarks on CI tracking/reporting formats that are simple to maintain and help to tell the story of progress. Thanks in advance for your insight…I am not new to CI but am working to enhance current employer's program.

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For customer generated issues I like the Fast Response Process which takes the 8D problem-solving process and applies a fixed schedule for completion.

Lean Countermeasure Charts are good for capturing issues during implementation where anyone can post an issues which then gets reviewed daily by supervision who assigns the issue to the appropriate resource. They in turn develop the countermeasure and commit to when it will be implemented. The issue is closed only when the person who raised the issues is satisfied that it is fixed.

I hope this helps.

Frank Murdock

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@Juan Loera just curious if you are looking for a dashboard format, or more of a report out template for the steer committee or tollgate reviews? Happy to help!