Catching up with the On-demand Presentations from the 2021 Lean & Six Sigma Conference
For those who attended the virtual 2021 Lean & Six Sigma Conference, which were your most favorite presentations and what made them so for you?

I will start with one I just watched. It is by Russ Snyder of Intel, titled "Continuous Lean: A 360 Degree Approach to Integrated Design, Manufacturing and Supply Chain." Their approach was to expand the application beyond the four factory walls, beyond the enterprise to include the entire value-chain from design, suppliers through to involvement of their customers. It discusses how to make the supply chain much more flexible and responsive to unexpected disruptions like the COVID-13 pandemic. And they discuss the benefits Intel gained by applying these 360 Degree Lean principles and methods in responding to customer demand during the pandemic. Really great stuff!
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I just watched another gem: "Digital Disruption! an Enabler for Virtual Gemba Walk of a Microbiology Laboratory" by Katja Lehmann. Really great explanation of how to use 3D scanning and video technology together with appropriate planning and customer follow-up for virtual Lean engagements. It includes some video examples as well.