ASQ Divisions
I am back in ASQ after being away for a time.  What does ASQ Division membership mean in this new paradigm where ASQ members can belong to every division?  How has this changed how divisions do business both pre- and post-covid?

Also, I recently recertified with ASQ and already have sufficient RUs for the next cycle (within 6 months).  Does it makes sense for Divisions not to offer monthly general membership meetings (0.5 RUs) instead of professional development webinars (0.1 RUs/hour) where RUs take more effort to document.  Honestly, I attend webinars that seem value-added, but don't bother to document them because I have to print, scan, and upload documents to my Recertification Journal for 20% of the credit.

I look forward to engaging the leadership on how the value of Division membership has changed and how it can be improved.
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Many of the policies have changed over the last 3 years.  As a member, more of ASQ's offerings have been shifted to be available online.

Divisions (now Technical Communities) now report into Segments, and HQ has greater oversight over finances and intellectual property.

Also, due to the formation of ASQE, there have been changes to how divisions involvement with ASQ certifications.