LED Annual Meeting - ASQ Policy Requires A Treasurer or Financial Officer
Thank you for convening an insightful and informative Annual Meeting for LED.

I asked about who was serving as the Treasurer for LED, and was informed that divisions don't require a Treasurer.

I checked the ASQ Policy for Member Unit Financial Management and Reporting (attached) and found this referenced in Clause 5.5, requiring member units to designate a responsible person.

5.5 General Member Unit Financial Management

  1. The member unit fiscal year will coincide with the Society fiscal year.

  2. Member units are financially aligned to their respective Region Center or Segment. Member unit finances will be managed by the member unit but maintained at the Region Center or Segment level.

  3. Each member unit will designate a treasurer or other fiscal officer to be responsible for financial recordkeeping and accountability.


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Hello David Harry‍ 

You will be pleased to know that I routed the discussion to myASQ.  That will enable interactions with Lindsay Lapatinsky‍ , Lance Coleman‍ , and others in LED to elaborate and clarify.
Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for your engagement in today's meeting. 

As I stated in the Annual Meeting, the Treasurer responsibilities have been absorbed into the Office of the Chair roles. The Chair Elect is in charge of tracking the finances, submitting expense reports for approval, and general record keeping. The Immediate Past Chair is in charge of approving expense reports. And the Chair is backup wherever necessary for these activities. 

From the initial discussions with Headquarters during the roll out of this change, this was acceptable as all the activities were being completed as required. 

Hope this helps!
Hi Lindsay Lapatinsky‍ 

Your description of the roles qualifies as "other fiscal officer", and for ASQ, who is to say what is correct in 2020?



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