Future LED presentation for Quality 4.0
I am a member of the Lean Enterprise Division, and would like to contribute.  

If our technical community is in need of a virtual presenter of Quality 4.0 content, you may find this interesting and relevant for our upcoming programs.

The ASQ Quality Management Division (QMD) recorded and posted my recent Quality 4.0 presentation on applying Cost Of Quality (for software, information, and technology). This presentation referenced current ITIL v4 practices and quality characteristics from ISO 25010 and 25012 toward the analysis, qualification, development, verification and validation, deployment and maintenance.

I would be willing to adapt this to align with LED scope. I invite interested member leaders to evaluate this for consideration.

Here is the link on myASQ


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David Harry
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Thanks Dan, I will forward to Ellen Ermer‍ .  FYI, Ellen is friends with you on myASQ.
Appreciate the post.
If anyole else would like to present at one of ASQ LEDs monthly webinars, please see our News Link in the myASQ LED Community. 
HI David Harry‍ 

Thank you for your kind support and timely follow up.

David Harry
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Hi Dan,
It will be great to have you contribute to the Division.  You are so knowledgeable and always giving.  Appreciate your volunteer spirit!

Dave, The Process Whisperer®, Greeneville, TN

Thank you, the LED presentation is completed and now available online.