Virtual Value Stream Mapping
Just saw a very cool webinar hosted by the ASQ East North Central Region (thanks Therese!) on how to remotely engage a team in developing current and future state value stream maps including mixed model value streams.  Check it out here:
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Thank you for posting. I just watched the webinar and have asked our IT department about whiteboard sharing tools that are capable of using VSM templates like Google Drawing. Unfortunately, Google Drawing is not currently allowed for use in our enterprise.

@Andrew Heiman there is another great whiteboard tool called Mural that is wonderful for this. I also really like Minitabs Workspace tools. Both are very helpful for Virtual Value Stream Mapping.

I have used Lucid for both VSM (Lucid Chart) and whiteboard (Lucid Spark). Nice template for VSM, easy to pull into the whiteboard for collaboration.

@Jennifer Ralston I use Mural quite a bit for many things. I especially love to re-use templates. I have used them for brainstorming, process reviews, weekly stand-ups, kanbans, and even with project planning. Would love to hear how you have used it and maybe we can collaborate with each other and leverage lessons learned.

We will be hosting a member meeting on this topic 9/13. I will be the presenter, please join us!