Lean Coach Development Program
Hi All! Looking for feedback from anyone who has developed and implemented a successful Lean Coach Development program in their organization.
  1. What criterias did you put in place to identify potential coaches?
  2. What type of trainings did you offer in your coach training? What content did you include in the trainings (Analytical skills/soft skills, etc...)?
  3. Did you create any individual plan based on each individual's gaps?
  4. How did you assess the impact of the program in your business?
Thanks in advance!

Lissette Contreras
Lean Practitioner
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Hi Lissette Contreras‍ 

I have not direct experience but I suggest initially to separate Coaching & Lean trainings and then try to merge them.

You know, is not obvious that a great Lean practitioner will be also a great coach and viceversa.

If in the organization already exist good Lean trained people, then you have to individuate their coaching soft skill and invest in that people.

If in the organization already exist great managers  with developed coaching ability, then the focus will be on specific Lean training, let me say more technical and analytical.

I think that there is not a standard approach, you have to evaluate the AS IS situation.

Good luck!! 

Hi Lissette,

If you still need further information on this topic please email me to ptorresbeck@gmail.com.  The Lean Management office at the Medical Center I used to work had really great Lean deployment model- Lean coaching was part of the program as well.