Introduce yourself to myASQ Lean Enterprise Division Community
David Harry
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Please introduce yourself in the introduction discussion board and get to know some of your fellow LED members!
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David Harry
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My name is Dave Harry and I am the Communications Chair of the ASQ Lean Enterprise Division.  The Communications Chair is one of the 9 Director positions in the LED Division Management Committee (DMC) and reports to the LED Office of the Chair.  I live in Greeneville Tennessee USA and am active in ASQ as a member to the East TN Section as well as the Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville ASQ Sections.  I have volunteered in the ASQ Lean Enterprise Division for the past 10-12 years.  I am also currently the "Owner" of the myASQ Lean Enterprise Division Community site.  If you have any suggestions for our myASQ Community, please let me know.
Hello everyone. My name is Chris Hayes. I'm currently the Publication Value Stream Chair but am also a past division chair and past webinar chair. I am currently on the ASQ BoD and also the Product Segment Leader.  I've played in the improvement field for many years, getting introduced to Lean in 1995 when we were using Kanbans to help with inventory control. I feel in love with process improvement from that moment and haven't looked back. I'm a LSSMBB, CSSBB, PMP, CSQP, CQE, CMQ/OE, CQA and LBC. I was always good at taking tests..what can I say..😁 I'm currently the CEO of an organization that focuses on business excellence and improvement and teach at several local universities. I live in Utah where the skies are blue and the mountains are tall. Glad to know you all and hope you will get involved in our division. 
Hello everyone! 

My name is Lindsay Lapatinsky & I am the Chair Elect for the Lean Enterprise Division for 2019. This is one of the three positions that make up the Office of the Chair on our division management committee. I have been a volunteer for the division for almost 4 years now. 

I am currently in a supply chain rotational program with Johnson & Johnson. My current role is a Quality Engineer / Supervisor at a Medical Device company located in San Antonio, TX. I've really loved exploring new areas of the U.S. while gaining cross-functional experiences as part of the program. I am a graduate from the University of Cincinnati where I received my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. 

In my free time, I like trying new breweries and restaurants with my husband and our 1.5 year old dog, Riley.

I look forward to getting to know everyone! If you have any questions regarding myASQ, the division, or ASQ as a whole, please let me know!
Good morning!!! 

I have been a Team Member of the LED for 7 years and currently serve as Networking Chair.

My real job is the Director of the Auburn Technical Assistance Center - WAR EAGLE!! - an outreach department of the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business where our core competencies are Continuous Improvement and Organizational Development.  Our team trains, coaches and consults on Lean Principles, Toyota Kata and Team Centeric Leadership throughout the US.
I live in 
Sweet home Auburn Alabama - Where the skies are so blue - And in my free time I love tasting local craft beers, which necessitates going to the gym - Am actually trying out Yoga - and am a frequent visitor to Disney World!
Greetings everyone!  My name is Frank Murdock and I am currently the Professional Development Value Stream Chair.  I have been a member of the Lean Enterprise Division since 2008 and have served as Voice of the Customer Chair, Membership Chair and I am also a past chair of the division.  In addition to my duties in the division, I am currently Segment Facilitator of the Design, Control and Improvement Segment and a member of the Technical Communities Council Advisory Group.  I am also a part of the ASQ Quality Body of Knowledge (QBOK) Peer Group since the Lean Body of Knowledge falls under the Professional Development Value Stream.

I retired from Ford Motor Company in 2001 after spending 28 years working in engineering.  In 1986 I was fortunate to begin to work with Dr. W. Edwards Deming while he was consulting with Ford and assisted in running his 4-day seminars.  In 1988 we introduced what we called Process Improvement which was a methodology similar to what later became known as Six Sigma.  In 1990 we began incorporating Theory of Constraints and preliminary concepts of which would later be called Lean - looking at bottlenecks and flow, providing Just-in-Time replenishment and pulling instead of pushing products through the process.  This eventually was formalized by 1995 into what was known as the Ford Production System modeled after the Toyota Production System.  

Since 2003 I have been working as an independent consultant, applying Lean and Quality principles to help organizations improve in a variety of industries including aerospace, banking, electronics, oil & gas, commercial construction, healthcare and non-profits.  I live in Ann Arbor Michigan where the skies are sometimes blue, but in the fall, everything in this town turns maize and blue!
Greeting fellow lean friends.  My name is Jobby Johnson and I am a past chair of the lean Enterprise Forum and then founding chair of the Division.  I am on the nominating committee and if interested in leadership role or helping on a committee let me know and I will try and plug you in where you want to go and where the division needs you.

I am business process improvement advisor for CVS Health which is a fancy name for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  Also I am Certified Six Sigma Black belt for 17 years and Certified manager of  Quality/Organizational Excellence for 19 years.  I was chair of the Nebraska section and a Lean Edgerton examiner. Love working in volunteer led organizations like ASQ and also in toastmasters as founding president of Missouri City Toasters Club and achieved my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) which is the highest level a member can achieve. 
David Harry
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Jobby, Thanks for all you do for Lean education and for starting the Division and serving as our LED Chair in our early history.

My name is Lissette Contreras & I am the Secretary of the ASQ Lean Enterprise Division for 2019. I have been part of the division for two years now. I live in sunny Los Angeles, CA and I currently work as a Process Improvement Manager for the Michael Kors Distribution Center in California. I have a B.S in Industrial Engineering and M.S. in Engineering Management and I've worked in many fields during my professional career: manufacturing, quality control, software development, consulting and distribution. I have benefited tremendously from ASQ as an organization and especially from the professional relationships it has helped me create. Looking forward to continue grow my professional network and knowledge while supporting the Lean Enterprise Division initiatives!


My name is Steve Tucker & I have B.S. in Electronic Engineering, and  A.S.Network Security. I'm new to LED.     
Hello Steve - This is Frank Murdock.  Welcome to the Lean Enterprise Division.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you on your Lean Journey.  Collectively, we have a lot of experience in a wide variety of applications including manufacturing, health care, financial services, distribution, etc.  Also, if you are interested, we can always use your help on the LED Leadership team - serving as a subject matter expert for development of new learning offerings, webinars, awards and recognition, communications and networking.  Again, welcome to the LED.
Hello Everyone.  My name is Bill Hoddy and It's good to meet all of you.  I have been a member of ASQ and the local Phoenix Section for over 15 years where I served as past Internet chair, and now as the VoC Chair and arrangements Chair.  I am Lean Bronze certified, and after retiring from Intel after 28 years, I continued in a new Industry by joining Empire Southwest, which is the Arizona Caterpillar dealership.  At Empire I serve as a Continuous Improvement Project Manager, helping the privately owned company to instill a continuous improvement culture across it's 2,200 employees state wide.  I serve on the worldwide CAT Dealership continuous improvement conference committee, and we are planning for our next conference in Park City Utah in September.  I am looking for someone who could prepare and deliver a 1-day Lean workshop for 30-50 conference attendees in Park City, if anyone knows of someone.
Olá Eu sou Ricardo Carrijo. Moro no Brasil, no estado de São Paulo, na cidade de Bauru. Sou Professor no Centro Universitário Bauru e trabalho também na Tilibra - Produtos de Papelaria - uma empresa do controle societário da ACCO (USA). Minha formação é na área de Administração e Economia. Fiz uma especialização em Total Productive Maintenance com o Japan Institute PLant of Maintenance e meu Doutorado foi em Engenharia de Produção na Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba - Campus de Santa Barbara  D Oeste