Should the Lean Enterprise Division have a short "Tagline" and what should it be?
David Harry
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ASQ has "The Global Voice of Quality" as its Tagline.  The Lean Enterprise Division currently uses "ASQ LED - a wonderful community that enables you grow, and succeed.  ​Join us today!" as a tagline on the my ASQ Lean Enterprise Division Community website.   At almost 50 characters, that is a bit long for a tagline.  We have also used "Come Lean on Us" or "Come Lean with Us" as taglines on some of our LED merchandise.

What do you think?  What should be the essence of a good tagline for the Division?  What message should it convey that is unique to the Division?  What suggestions do you have?  Tell us as we are listening to you.
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At the Ideas to Action Gathering (ITAG) event this year, ASQ Headquarters actually announced an update to their tagline. The new and improved tagline is "Excellence through Quality". 

I like Taglines as a marketing tool. And I agree, we definitely need something shorter. I don't have any ideas yet, but if I get a stroke of inspiration I will be sure to share it!