LED Sponsorship of ASQ International Team Excellence Awards (ITEA)
David Harry
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The Lean Enterprise Division is a proud sponsor of ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award, the world’s premier team recognition program—awarding achievements in improved performance in businesses of all sizes. This year 15 teams will present their team-based improvement Live Case Studies at WCQI in Fort Worth. Attend their Live Case Studies slotted during the Concurrent Sessions and experience the excitement and energy of their accomplishments!
Let us know your interest and experience with ITEA and how LED can assist you or your company getting started with ITEA.  We have many current and former ITEA Judges among our LED members.  Please Mike Levenhagen, our ASQ LED Chair for more info.
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I am excited to be able to comment on and reinforce the Lean Enterprise Division involvement in ITEA.  This is an important initiative and we all need to be prepared to support all those who express interest in participating.  Thanks.