ASQ Statistics Division Webinar

Sept 22, 12:00 CDT

Title: "Machine Learning and Statistics: Similarities and Differences"


With the hype around Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, people are often left wondering: Is Machine Learning just a rebranding of Statistics? Or is it something different? This talk will discuss the fields of machine learning and statistics - how they are similar, how they are different, and when the difference matters. We will discuss a few examples that might be tackled differently by a statistician, who often works on explaining a phenomena, versus a machine learning engineer, who often works on predicting outcomes.


Alex Gutman, PhD, is a data scientist, corporate trainer, Accredited Professional Statistician®, and author of the book "Becoming a Data Head: How to Think, Speak and Understand Data Science, Statistics and Machine Learning" (Wiley, 2021). He's an Adjunct Professor at the Air Force Institute of Technology, and in 2019, received a Fulbright Specialist grant to teach data science and machine learning in Kyrgyzstan.