Commented Summary of a Year of Work in Covid-19 Statistical Modeling
In this paper we summarize eleven months of pro-bono research on statistical modeling of Covid-19 topics. For each of the over two dozen papers and tutorials included here, we provide a one-paragraph summary and commentary, including methods used, results, and possible public health applications, as well as the ResearchGate url to access them. We describe the web pages we created for this effort (in Spanish and English), and how to access them. We discuss the procedure we used to produce these papers, and the audiences we hope to reach. Finally, we provide a short bibliography for the interested reader. The paper can be found in:

In a continuation of said research, we discuss the role of Quality Engineering (QE), including reliability, logistics, industrial and operations research statistics-based methods, in the improvement of health care systems dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic. In particular, we employ QE methods in the analysis of four important systems: Opening of the Economy, Locking Down of the Economy, Re-Opening of Schools, and Vaccine Rollout. QE statistics-based methodologies are effective in designing, implementing, streamlining and making Covid-19 related systems operations easier to manage and control. The paper can be found in: