August 21, 2019 Webinar Login Information

I just received a newsletter from the Statistics Division. Thanks! Along with the exciting news of the "Fall Technical Meeting" right in my neighborhood, there was also mention of an August 21st Webinar. Unfortunately, I could not find any live links within the email to the registration for that event, nor could I find any information on the Statistics Division Community site. Maybe I am missing it. Could someone guide me? Thanks.

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HI Ronald,

So sorry the first E-zine this month didn't have the link.  I hope you caught it in the second E-zine or saw the details in the Events section of  But never fear, I have attached the presentation here for you!  

Don't miss our next webinar in collaboration with the Quality Management DIvision, "Facilitation Skills" for which you can register here.

Hope to see you at FTC, glad it is local for you this year!

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