Speaker List in Re-Development
The Statistics Division traditionally maintained a list of Speakers available to groups for local events, such as section meetings. Please complete the linked form here and send to chair@asqstatdiv.org if you would like your name made available to groups as a potential speaker.

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HI- so how do I access this Stats Division speaker list?
I'm interested in presenting some stats topics at future section meetings (Palomar Section; location is north San Diego County, CA). 
We're seeing some new members who are straight out of school.  And there's been interest in 'mini-refreshers' on various stats topics.  So, for 2020, I'd like to present 3 or 4 keynotes on  stats topics plus an adjoining Tech Clinic where folks can work on stats problems in small groups (and then discuss). 

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Valerie Hassan
Secretary, ASQ Palomar section
(interim Programs Chair)
Hi Valerie, this sounds like an interesting program. The Statistics Division historically had a speaker list but it had not been updated in many years, so is not currently available. We are planning to update and make names available upon request, but anticipate that this would probably be late this year or early 2020, depending on the response. We do possibly have some other options for identifying or recruiting potential speakers if you could provide more specifics (send to chair@asqstatdiv.org). Best,

HI- got that list available ? 

Thank you.

Valerie Hassan
Secretary, ASQ Palomar Section 
(interim Programs Chair)