ASQ member mentoring

Does ASQ have a mentoring program? I am trying to learn project management from books and I need a tutor. I am absolutely willing to pay a patient consultant to help me work through the correct steps of project management. I need to write charters according to best practices, help me document all the milestones on various projects and help set up my Gantt charts. I have made a start, but I am running out of time on some huge projects . I want to learn this to stay on top of everything but it is overwhelming to do so much from scratch. I don't want someone to do it for me, I need someone whom I can meet with regularly to guide me through the process as we proceed step by step.

Any suggestions on how to find such an ASQ member?

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Hi Ellen, I think that ASQ has many informal mentoring programs across the various TCs, for example HD&L has one, and to the best of my knowledge some of the others do too. Also, I believe that they are potentially speaking about hanging such a program off of the Women in Quality Community in the the future.

Additionally, there is a small WAREHOUSE of information available to you here in the Quality Topics A to Z!

You would even use the local Section or TC Business Plan elements to help you put together a quick plan.

Happy to walk you through that if that would help you move forward.

To your continued success!

Dr. Rhonda Farrell, ASQ Innovation TC Chair (2021)