Innovation as a Capability to Drive Value Derivation within Cybersecurity
Dr. Rhonda Farrell recently had the good fortune of partnering with the ISSA NOVA RMF Lifeboat MeetUp Group to discuss the topic 2025 & Beyond: Leveraging Diversity to Enhance Cyber Innovation

We used Scrumblr boards to actively engage the attendees and brainstorm the different facets of diversity, conducted a force field analysis about a cyber topic, and examined the benefits of harnessing Voice of the Customer tools such as the Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder.

Next, we looked at really dialing up INNOVATION within a cyber program,  so we addressed the elements of Design Thinking, went over a sample Customer Journey map, looked at a high level overview of Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Triz and the Nine Window approach, and we wrapped up with a quick discussion on how diversity positively impacts design thinking.

Last, but not least, we discussed the Innovation Ambition Matrix and aligned prior innovations within the Cybersecurity field to the Innovation Layer it was attributed to, from incremental to disruptive (labeled CORE, ADJACENT, and TRANSFORMATIONAL). These advances included the integration of the DoD and IC control frameworks to a unified reciprocity based assurance mechanism using NIST 800-53, rev4; to the stand-up of FedRAMP; to the shift from Security Operations Center to Security Intelligence Center; and then a challenge to identify how will the RMF construct and supporting controls and technologies have to change to support a holistic multi-domain cybersecurity program in 2035 and beyond?

You can find our INNOVATION slide deck here! Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments to the Scrumblr boards!