Global Cutomer Supplier Collaboration - Driving Innovation to new heights

Description Harnessing externally sourced innovations drives collaboration, increases competitiveness, and unlocks new business opportunities to optimize costs and reduce total cost of ownership. Attend and gain access to collaboration models driving transformation globally.

Learning Objectives:

  • Harnessing innovation thinking offers collaboration synergies en masse
  • Co-innovation breeds best in class products and services
  • Benefits of supplier partnerships include competitive differentiation
  • Analytics fuel higher levels of supply chain visibility, performance, and risk awareness


Dr. Rhonda Farrell is the CEO of Global Innovation Strategies, a consulting firm serving entrepreneurs, start-ups, non-profits and community groups, as well as the Founder of Cyber and STEAM Global Innovation Alliance. Her background is diverse and inclusive of innovation, change management, quality management, and cybersecurity as applied to organizations, initiatives, and technical infrastructures. In her additional roles, she serves as a Federal Government contractor serving into these same core cross-cutting functional areas. Rhonda thrives in innovative, entrepreneurial environments driving value realization through heightened strategic alignment, the judicious application of innovation principles, and a strong eye towards the epiphanies associated with well-designed and fielded performance management programs. Dr. Farrell’s recent professional background includes 10+ years of contributions with Booz Allen Hamilton and prior engineering, operations, and cybersecurity services within Fortune 500 firms across Silicon Valley, CA including Amdahl Corp, Cisco Systems, among others. Rhonda has a D.Sc. in Information Assurance from the University of Fairfax, a JD in Technology from Concord Law School, and an MBA in Strategic Management from CSU Hayward, CA. She is certified in cybersecurity, quality, and change management.

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