Workplace Innovation

Didn't get a chance to make it out to Kiran's session, but you'd love to hear more about her session, not to worry. We have a phenomenal deck to offer you as well as a link to the recording once it is available.

Additionally, Kiran will be releasing some special organizational assessments and guides to help each of plan a way forward soon. Reach to her at her LinkedIn account for more information.

Description: Every business leader is dealing with one or more of these challenges - retention of good employees, customer loyalty, market competitiveness and underlying profits and growth. How do you succeed in the world of accelerated constant change and market threats with workplace innovation? In this session, we will talk about how to foster a culture of people-centered designs, gain skills and develop a growth mindset that will engage and motivate your people and further focus on your customers’ needs and bring innovative solutions to them continuously.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to develop an environment where workplace innovation is embedded in the culture.
  • Utilizing CALE model to turn brainstorming and capture your insights into fuel for innovation.
  • Develop ideas for innovative products and services by keeping your customer needs at the center of the development process.
  • How to become an “Employer of Choice” with workplace innovation.

Presenter: Ms. Kiran Mann

Presentation ASQ Innovation - Workplace Innovation (1).pdf

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