Join Us for our Second Webinar of 2021 - The Great 8 - The Innovation Principles
The ASQ Innovation team invites you to join Peter Merrill on 25 Feb 2021 @ 7:00 PM Eastern speaking about the Great 8 Principles of Innovation.

Description: There are eight Innovation principles which are the basis of the ISO 56002 Innovation Management System. Realization of value, Future-focused leaders, Strategic direction, Culture, Exploiting insights, Managing uncertainty, Adaptability, and Systems approach. The principles are detailed in ISO 56000 and are briefly referenced in ISO 56002. This webinar will explain each principle, show how they link and then explain how each principle is applied in an innovation management system.

In this webinar we'll be learning to better understand:
• The Principles of Innovation Management
• How the principles apply in an Innovation management System
• Their practical application in business

Our full event flyer can be found here.

Event Registration can be accessed here.

We invite you to email our ASQ Innovation TC Webinar Chair, Ms. Dawn Hashemi, at with questions of interest that you'd like to raise in advance of the event.

We'd also love to engage you in discussion on this topic, so send your questions, comments, and ideas on how we can better engage and serve our community through alignment to these principles!
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If you weren't able to make it out live to the event you are still in luck!

See Peter Merrill's discussion with us here:

You can download your RUs for the Webinar ASQ_Innov TC Webinar February RUs.pdf.