Quality 4.0 - what's your insight on this?
Quality 4.0 - what's your insight on this?
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Hello Lou Ann Lathrop‍  and the Innovation Division (of which I am a member,

I would be pleased to share my insights on Quality 4.0, modest as they may be for this extensive topic.  The ASQ Quality Management Division (QMD) recorded and posted my recent Quality 4.0 presentation on applying Cost Of Quality (for software, information, and technology). This presentation referenced current ITIL v4 practices and quality characteristics from ISO 25010 and 25012 toward the analysis, qualification, development, verification and validation, deployment and maintenance.

I would be willing to scale this down from the QMD scope to fit a 20-30 minute slot, or alternatively segment it into multiple sections. I invite interested member leaders to evaluate this for consideration.

Here is the link on myASQ


Thanks Daniel. We will be in touch shortly!
Good question, LouAnn! One good source of info on Q4.0 is the book, 'Connected, Intelligent, Automated' by Nicole Radziwill (Quality Press). To me, there is no doubt that Quality has an important role to play in the connected and automated world, but Quality skills, tools, and thinking have to adapt to be effective. As Dan notes, this is an extensive and complex topic, and in addition to Nicole's book, there are many webinars available at ASQ.org on various aspects of the topic. Understanding your specific area of interest may help focus attention on the Q4.0 aspects most critical for you.