Calling All Potential ASQ Innovation Volunteers

We are reaching out to share our ASQ Innovation mission, which includes developing the ASQ body of knowledge in the exciting new field of innovation management and spreading the knowledge of innovation tools, techniques, and approaches to enable quality professionals to be more successful in their pursuit of innovation.

We are currently recruiting volunteers whom are interested in serving the Innovation agenda and helping to grow our nascent Innovation Technical Community to the next level.

Our innovation agenda for 2020 includes exciting contribution opportunities:

  • Regional Conferences in partnership with other ASQ technical communities and sections
  • World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Dayton, Ohio 2020
  • A plethora of contribution and organizational growth and development opportunities, including webinars, body of knowledge contributions, newsletter content creation, ¬†membership engagement, marketing, publicity, outreach, and knowledge management

Additionally, we will consider tailor-making opportunities that best match your growth goals and strong interests.

If you would like to be considered for our team, please fill-out our survey now.

We look forward to talking to you about how ASQ Innovation TC can help you achieve your professional goals!