Meet our Education Division Workforce Development (WFD) Network Group Lead!
Dr. John Robert Dew, retired Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Administration for Troy University, is our new WFD Network Group Lead. Dr. Dew began his career with Lockheed-Martin Corporation where he worked as a quality professional and was responsible for leadership and executive development for the Lockheed Martin Energy Division before joining The University of Alabama. John is conducting monthly WFD group calls on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m., Central, to facilitate the sharing of best practices and explore innovative strategies in the spirit of continuous improvement. Participants in the WFD network are sharing issues, concerns, solutions and ideas to pursue a similar improvement journey through the use of quality tools and processes. If you are interested in participating the WFD network, please contact John Dew (, the WFD Network Group Lead, to participate. Also visit the Education Division myASQ Community to submit and participate in WFD discussions or any other discussion on our Community.