2022 Engineers Week February 20-26

2022 Engineers Week- February 20- 26

2022 Theme: Reimaging the Possible

Engineers Week is an appropriate time to CELEBRATE and reflect on the work of engineers. Within ASQ and the Education Division, let us celebrate careers as quality engineers and engineering educators!
It is also a time to encourage students from middle school through college to consider careers in engineering and STEM related fields. Let's "reimage the Possible!

The “Discover Engineering” website suggests activities for engaging students.


It also has a webpage on STEM Careers that may help you mentor students.

In addition, our own Education Division’s 2020 STEM Education Resources Directory includes mentoring suggestions in Teaching Resources and information on engineering careers in STEM Careers Resources. It can be downloaded from https://my.asq.org/communities/reviews/item/174/12/2128

What reflections or suggestions on engaging or mentoring students on pursuing an engineering career do you have?

Cindy Veenstra, member of the Education Division’s STEM Network