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Hi, I am Rathin Khandhadia from Singapore. I am currently working in Education Sector in capacity of Associate Director and heading Global Center for Education Excellence. I have worked in sectors like Manufacturing, Energy, Telecom and Service before joining Education Sector. I have passion of driving all corporate and manufacturing knowledge of Quality and Excellence in Education and brining Education sector at par with other developed sectors. I am encouraging young students to take up quality circles, kaizens and establishing GEMBA stations in their study areas to develop structured problem solving mindset so that in future they are always on solution side and not restrict themselves to problems. I am looking for connecting the professionals to get innovative and out of the box ideas in driving my passion of Education Excellence

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Hi Rathin.

Within the education programs for engineers, to date they still do not include education “How to play nice with others” in their curricula. Hence, once in their working world, engineers take differences of opinion straight into conflict and the like.

And believe or or not, the educators have the nerve to call that “Soft Skills.”

Well, the knowledge and ability to collaborate, cooperate, and communicate with others is NOT a “Natural” skill.