Division articles removed from ASQ.org: Please improve error messaging and bring Division's journals back on ASQ.org

Good morning,
Have you clicked on an ASQ.org/edu link and instead of viewing the article, you see the myASQ home page for the Education Division? This is a redirect for files which were in the old Education Division website's library. They have been removed from the ASQ.org server temporarily. There are plans for an improved system but it is not online yet.
Two concerns:
1) Improve the error messaging! A simple redirect is not adequate. The file usually will not be on the myASQ Home page or on myASQ at all. Create an error message with instructions to access the file.
ASQ has a copy of all files that are no longer on ASQ.org/edu. The error message, for example, could direct one to contact Customer Care. Anyone can contact Customer Care and they can send you the article you were looking for. See this link https://asq.org/customer-services .
2) The Division journals Quality Approaches in Higher Education and Quality Approaches in Education were on ASQ.org/edu. They are too important to be deleted from ASQ.org. Please find a solution to keep the same links and on ASQ.org, as articles were cited and now we have hundreds of broken links. The journals issues are on myASQ but are not visible in a Google search. Especially for recruiting potential higher education members, having these journals visual on ASQ.org is needed.
Suggestion: Quality Approaches in Higher Education is listed as a Division journal on the ASQ Publications page. Why not add the journal issues here with the same ASQ.org urls as before until the new system is implemented?

Cindy Veenstra, Past Division chair

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I agree with you, Cindy. It is important that people have access to these materials, and it would be helpful to have a better redirect message.