The Pandemic and Quality in Education
John Dew
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The pandemic brings many topics related to quality in education right to the forefront in national discussions.  While there have been systematic efforts to supplement or replace face-to-face instruction with online classes for many years, with very positive results in programs that include quality assurance reviews, what will be the impact of hastily assembled efforts that do not include quality assurance reviews?  Quality practitioners often use Safeguard Analysis to study processes and build in safeguards to ensure quality and safety.  Have school systems been using this type of systematic approach in their analysis and preparation for face-to-face classes?  And, we know
that of all the types of safeguards that can be put in place, administrative procedures are the weakest because they can be easily circumvented.  Data collection is very important to manage any system, but some states have taken a position that they will not collect data on the number of school teachers testing positive for the virus.  How can a state Board of Education make informed decisions if they refuse to collect data?  And who is going to remind people that two data points does not make a trend?
The omission of quality management principles in the curriculum for education leadership could seriously inhibit school leaders' ability to respond to the pandemic.  Follow-up analysis of the pandemic will provide opportunities for doctoral dissertations for the next decade.