Post Pandemic Blues: What are the Best Practices in Reopening Our Colleges and Universities?
My concerns encompass both Education and Healthcare.  Conversations have turned to the critical task of re-opening universities and colleges in September 2020, but the manner in which such an effort will be scaffolded into place has not been clearly articulated to the general public.  To what degree is the community of educators relying upon physicians and scientists, and collaborating on best practices in safety through which our institutions of higher learning may confidently open? How will the senior leadership of universities and colleges navigate through the maze of information that is being cannibalized at every moment?  A “fact” proffered on one day becomes tomorrow’s misnomer.  How will safety measures play out in dining halls and dormitories, in lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, university health care centers, and in many other educational landscapes?  The spectrum of ideas can offer us an amazingly interesting platform for discussion.  Lend your thoughts and ideas.