Celebrating Engineers Week
This post highlights Engineers Week 2020 (February 16-22) and asks for your support for ASQ celebrating Engineers Week.  ASQ has many engineers as members. How can we celebrate the accomplishments of engineers, and encourage students to consider careers in quality engineering? 

This is not a new idea. ASQ celebrated Engineers Week in the past from 2009 to 2015 with an annual special STEM publication, which recognized the importance of all STEM fields (Science-Technology-Engineering- Math).  Each STEM publication was a special issue of the ASQ Education Briefs during Engineers Week each February.
I served as advising editor on some of the special STEM issues, assisting the ASQ Education Briefs editor.  Topics included K-12 STEM outreach programs and summer camps, K-12 classroom success stories in STEM learning, introducing engineering into the K-12 curriculum, university outreach in engineering, results of ASQ surveys on STEM topics, and improving diversity in the STEM and engineering workforce.  As an example, in the 2015 special STEM issue, my article “STEM Demands Innovation” suggested that ASQ members who are engineers could encourage outreach with the support of their companies, in three ways: “Encourage your company to participate in a K-12 engineering outreach program “, “Present at local schools’ career days” and “Encourage your company to increase the number of sponsored internships and capstones “.  I am confident that the Engineer Week STEM issues contributed to improving STEM and engineering education!

I am asking for your support in starting this new decade in supporting an annual activity that supports Engineers Week. With the increasing complexity of quality problems, more engineers and scientists are needed to improve quality.  The Engineers’ Week activity could be a special issue on STEM and Engineering as before, or a new activity. (The ASQ Education Briefs are no longer published.)  A search on the internet will show the various activities that engineering organizations are conducting during Engineers Week. Send me a note or post a comment on your ideas/ support for an ASQ activity in celebration of Engineers Week.   Let’s make it happen!
Cindy Veenstra, ASQ Fellow, Past Chair, ASQ Education Diviison