2019 STEM Education Resource Directory - it's not just for STEM!
Hey division members, please take a moment to review the 2019 STEM Education Resource Directory posted in our myASQ Community under Resources (also the last post on our front page as of today). This directory is a very useful tool for those interested in STEM, and includes great information and links to events and opportunities for you, your students and/or children. The directory also includes links to basic Quality Tools, tools for instructors (including example lesson plans, just in time for the new school year), and multiple links for continuous school improvement. If you have something you'd like included in the next version of the directory, please contact Terri Showers, the STEM Network Group Lead, at  msaris3@aol.com. Let us know if you find the tool useful! We value your feedback.
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Hi Belinda, Thanks for highlighting the STEM Ed Resource Directory! 
I am a co-author for the Directory.  Most professional organizations like ASQ have outreach efforts for encouraging our youth to consider careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as they approach their college years (because we need so many more scientists and engineers!).  For close to 10 years, the Education Div has been leading this effort in ASQ with publications and presentations. The STEM Ed Resource Directory continues this effort. 

For example, in the Directory, look at page 7 Teaching Resources. As Belinda indicated it includes lesson plans, but it also includes some great resources to encourage students to consider engineering and technology careers.  The Engineer Girl link includes a high quality video on industrial engineering. This video has many examples of what industrial engineers do and includes quality engineering examples and excellence in quality.  Many quality engineers earn their degree in industrial engineering. This video would be an excellent video to share with students or your children.  

I hope you find the Directory useful . 
Cindy Veenstra, past chair, Education Division