"Quality Auditing LLC" can anyone confirm this company for me?

Hello - I am interested in working with a company called Quality Auditing LLC- address is in Minneapolis- after being messaged on Linked In. I would like to verify they are legit and have not had the opportunity to meet with anyone IRL- only phone calls. My contact is Grant and seems nice but I worry about sending info or showing up at some sketchy warehouse. Could just be a side effect of the post-covid business world. I'd like a personal reference can anyone vouch for them? Thanks!

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Yes. We had an auditor associated with their organization come and audit us late last year for one of our clients. I hadn't heard of them prior to receiving notification from our client that they were sending someone via Quality Auditing LLC. The auditor was very professional and did a good job.
Hello Robin,
Looking at the company website, I see that they have a LinkedIn page, and the Grant P. is the company Customer Service Rep. in Minneapolis. They also are listed on the BBB, and looking around at their website and certifications listed, it appears to be a legitimate organization, however they give no physical address location. They are missing a few key aerospace and electronics industry standards, so keep that in mind. I would ask Grant for a specific LinkedIn/ASQ Auditor reference for the service/industry in question. If they hesitate, then that should be a red flag. Have a good day.


@Robin Dowsett

I met many of the folks from Quality Auditing, LLC at the ASQ Audit Conference last October. They were one of the conference sponsors and had about 10 of their people there. They are real and legit.
Would you like the contact info for two of the gentlemen I know from their Minneapolis location?

@Emily Perushek Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to message about this. 😊

@William Miller Thanks Bill! all good news 😊Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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The main accreditation is through ANAB. I did a search for them and did NOT find them as a certification body. I would search for a certification that is to ensure you have a creditable certification.