ASQ Pass Rates by Exam (CQA)

In preparing for the CQA exam, an interesting bit of information I came across was the Pass Rate for this exam. The CQA exam pass rate for information available: 2019 (79%), 2020 (78%), 2021 (72%). My question and concern is the decline year-over-year for the pass rate on this exam. Has anyone recently certified on this exam, and if so, what preparation did you do (CQA 5th Edition Handbook, Question Bank, Certification Preparation, etc.)? Furthermore, I understand that the data for 2022 has not been published, but can it be assumed that the trend will continue? Thank you for any help and insight!

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When I obtained my CQA, ASQ still permitted its member units to provide training and study preparation. I think that direct personal contact with existing CQAs, professional mentorship, and local study groups are very helpful for success with certification exams. Of the 28% who failed, how many attempted this solely with self-study or remote learning?

I obtained my ASQ certification last year 2022. I had hands on experience that greatly supplemented the handbook and additional trainings I found on YouTube. I don't think I would have passed solely using the handbook and other training materials.

@Maria Smith
I failed the first time because I did the self study method using the book and some BOK questions.

Great point
honestly, this exam is not easy, a good portion of questions are not in the handbook, there are a lot of pressures such the requirement of using a very tight headset for 6 hours, and very cold AC.
I recommend to anyone who plan to take the exam, in addition to the handbook, study any quality resource, videos magazines, articles, books, etc. check your university notes taken, related to quality and manufacturing processes.
I wish ASQ would bring back training and test preparation to the member units. I believe the success rate will be higher. Members could form study groups, etc. I didn't think about youtube, I will check it out.
Stacy Agar
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I passed in early 2022 and I took in an arm-load of the suggested references in with me. Another interesting data point would be how many folks (both passes and fails) took boot camp and at what point in time prior to the exam date.
I am currently preparing for the CMQ/OE it is a lot of material to cover. My preparation include going through the handbook, online question bank. Is there anything else that I need to be doing to help me to be successful?
Hello Chris,
To be honest, this is one of the easier exam that ASQ has, at least in my opinion. The reason I say that is, if you follow the ASQ recommended certification progressions, by the time you get to the CMQ/OE exam, you will have gone over all the content half a dozen times and tested on it. This doesn’t include the years of practical experience and application of previous certifications you should also have in your toolbox walking into the exam. Just be confident in yourself and trust experience. Good luck

@Maria Smith
I tried to post this once, but was unsuccessful. Hopefully second time is a charm. I passed the CQA exam in August. I brought in the handbook for reference and purchased the question bank. My work experience greatly helped, however i would not have been successful without supplemental review. I read through the entire handbook and staggered the practice exams in between study sessions to get a gage of my comprehension. I used tabs in the handbook to make it easy to reference sections. Anything that I got wrong on the practice exam, I would find in the handbook and add a tab and also I would write it down. Any hand written notes that I had that were not referencedin the handbook, I read through just before entering the exam location. When taking the exam, I marked the questions that I was not 100% confident in my answers. I reviewed them one final time before submitting my answers, and I did change my answer for a few. I hope this helps you, and good luck!

@Maria Smith
I certified in 2021 for CQA. I used a combination of CQI primer and answer handbook along with ASQ study questions. I felt my biggest strength was my work experience which included auditing and AS9100 auditor training. YOU GOT THIS!

Thanks everyone for your input and support.