Single/Dual Source Suppliers

When auditing supplier eval and the supplier is either single source or affected by supply chain - how do you asses the organizations response to noncompliance to onetime delivery - what are you looking for?

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@Richard Tanner great question Richard. Thanks for posting. For single source suppliers I would expect to see their response to the poor delivery to includes measured relating to better shipping practices, smoother order handling, etc. You should be looking for improvement trends in their performance overall.

I know others will have more to add here. I'm interested to hear more ideas.

@Richard Tanner I agree with Susan, excellent question. When I audit suppliers for on-time delivery issues, I start with Contact Review. You need to make sure that they carefully review the incoming PO/Order and all departments understand the commitment. I ask to look at schedules to ensure that product is projected to ship before the expected dock date of the customer. I appreciate seeing procedures analyzed and updated to improve throughput and accuracy.