Can Quality Management be considered a "Process" in an ISO 9001:2015 QMS?

During a discussion with a Quality Manager (And close friend) she mentioned that her job shop's ISO 9001:2015 QMS included “Quality Management” as one of the “Processes” on their Interaction of Processes diagram. I questioned how Quality Management could be considered a “process” and still meet the intent of Clause 4.4.1. I asked, “what are the inputs?” The response was “It depends on the job". “What are the outputs”? Answer- Management Review minutes, Internal Audits, Documentation, etc". I mentioned it sounds like chasing your tail versus being a process as you are the recipient of your process outputs. We finished our coffees and agreed to disagree on what constitutes a process in terms of ISO 9001:2015. Can you please provide some guidance? Thank you!

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@Paul Ipolito Our First PRO document is Business And Quality Management. Inputs include management review and employee data job data. Quality Management docs include supplier scorecards/customer satisfaction/Internal audits. It includes evaluating trends/on time delivery/supplier data.

@Brenda Dennis- Hi Brenda. Do you have an “ISO Process Approach-proof” process if the outputs are not inputs to another process? I still struggle to see how outputs that feedback into a Quality Management System meet the 4.4.2 requirements. Thanks for responding.

@Paul Ipolito We are ISO and IATF certified. Our Pro document feeds into other sub- processes and interactions and metrics.


@Brenda Dennis- Thanks.