What are your best Auditing tips to Share?

I want to hear about your best audit experiences - what made them great? Whether it was how you handled an audit as an auditee or an auditor. Share your tips here.

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@Susan Gorveatte
I think that the best audit experience that I had was the one that I only gave opportunities for improvement. I like the audit experience wherein the auditee provides all of the evidences. That means they have processes that conforms to the standards. This shows that the organization is complying to the requirements.

@Shayne Bernadette Perez
My best auditing tip is from both as an Internal Auditor and as an External Auditor. The tip is when the environment of the audit allows to utilize a large central (conference-type) room with several extended screens; where the evidence can be brought-up, provided and viewed by the Auditee(s) to the Auditor(s). When possible, this “Kiosk” type, central viewing makes for a less stressful and centralized audit…and appears to make management and senior leadership more at ease when the audit is taking place mostly in one location. Cooperation appears to also increase in this type of audit setting from both the Auditee, Interviewees, Management and with the Auditor.