Minor Non-Conformance Finding

During An IATF 16949:2016 audit, it was observed that an inspector manually wrote down a dimension that was out of tolerance. They did not catch it was out of spec. Some factors were this was a virtual audit, the auditor was watching the inspection on the iPad and she was nervous. The finding isn’t that she wrote an out of spec dimension. The NC WAS ISO 8.7.1 ... shall ensure that outputs that do not conform to their requirements are identified and controlled
to prevent their unintended use or delivery.

The corrective action is The inspector did not initiate nonconforming product process.

What direction would you go when the actual mistake was not caught? Since it wasn’t caught, how do you initiate the NC Procedure - without having a secondary inspector review all data?

I would appreciate your feedback!

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Hello - Was the company's procedure reviewed to determine if it is documented what an operator is supposed to do when an out of tolerance unit is identified? Does the form normally go through a final QC verification exercise where an out of tolerance would be identified?

I would recommend using a validated Excel form to enter the data. The Excel sheet can be formatted to include the tolerances within a protected cell and when the data is manually entered, it can be set to green color and state "Pass" (or Red color for "Fail"). Any failures would require entry of a NC # to be entered into the form as well. Form could be printed in color if you are using hardcopy batch records.

Thanks Ladies for your input! Much appreciated!