Re-Certification Season

Fall is coming! I know you see it - the return of pumpkin everything in the stores and shops, the halloween decorations coming up. But you know what's truly spooky? Having to re-take an exam because you forgot to recertify!!!

Remember, you have a 6-month “grace period” from your recertification date to recertify by journal. After this period, you can only recertify by exam.

So start collecting those RU units now!

Recertification categories:

  • Professional Development – Max of 9.0 RUs Allowed
  • Employment – Max of 10.8 RUs Allowed
  • Instructor – Max of 10.8 RUs Allowed
  • Student – Max of 9.0 RUs Allowed
  • Meetings – Max of 11.0 RUs Allowed
  • Committees – Max of 8.0 RUs Allowed
  • Certifications – Max of 6.0 RUs Allowed
  • Proctoring – Max of 5.0 RUs Allowed
  • Multimedia – Max of 3.6 RUs Allowed
  • Publishing – Max of 9.0 RUs Allowed
  • ASQ Membership – Max of 1.5 RUs Allowed
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Thank you for sharing such an important message about recertification.