Reducing popularity of 9001 Audits worldwide

Hello Dear Auditors,

The figures from indicate that the # of certifications are declining for the last many years now. Many companies go through the audit as a routine/motion as the certification is mandated by their customers.

What could be the reasons. Please add here in this thread as why this is so and what we can do to reverse the trend:

My comments are:

  • Quality has still not become a strategic driver in businesses
  • We as auditors are not really adding value to business
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As auditors we should be adding value to the business, if not then we should look into accounting. I think ISO certifications go in waves, learning to do remote audits is an important way to ride through the trough of the latest COVID wave.
One advantage I have seen from remote audits, is that the local quality department gets more involved in the process. They see everything we look for and seem to improve their internal auditing skills. We still have challenges of not having access in electronic restricted areas and poor WIFI areas. While I miss being able to flip through file cabinets when records are in physical folders, we have come up with some creative solutions.
There are two times that investment in the QMS is hardest. One is when things are going well. It is a challenge to convince managers to focus on improvement when profits are through the roof. The other is when the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Quality seems to take a back seat. The reality is that these are the times when the QMS is most needed. When profits are through the roof, so are wastes. Having a robust QMS is all about minimizing waste. And when profits are slim, you can't afford to waste a dime on poor quality, you also can't afford to risk loosing your last customer.