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The ASQ Audit Division wants to use the MyASQ platform not only to support continuous improvement and knowledge on the subject of auditing, but to also build a stronger community.

Please use this thread to introduce yourself. We are looking forward to getting to know you more!

Kristen Wagner

Social Media Chair - ASQ Audit Division

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I will go first -

My name is Kristen Wagner and I am from Minnesota, AKA the Frigid North.

I started my professional career in the Ophthalmic Lens industry (ISO 9001) and eventually transitioned to Medical Device (ISO 13485) where I work as a Sr Supplier Quality Engineer, supporting Suppliers who manufacture catheters and devices that support angiograms and angioplasties. As someone who has been on a cath lab operating table myself, I love that I get to help ensure others also receive improved quality of life just as I did as a result of my procedure (cardiac ablation).

My favorite thing to do at work is auditing and supplier assessments. I love having the opportunity to confirm compliancy while also learning about different manufacturing methods and getting exposure to different cultures/countries.

I joined ASQ out of college when “Quality found me” and eventually connected with my current mentor who helped expose me to ASQ and ways to get more involved. I am currently the Social Media Chair for the Audit Division and am responsible for the Division's MyASQ Community as well as our LinkedIn.

Outside of work and ASQ, I have a strong passion for rock climbing (both indoor and outdoor) and cooking. I have 3 cats and also have a Peloton (yes, it is just like the commercials).

I look forward to learning more about all of you!

Hi there! I'm Susan Gorveatte, President of Gorveatte Consulting Inc. based in Windsor, Ontario, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Working more than twenty-five years in Quality Management throughout Canada and the United States, I have trained hundreds of companies from small entrepreneurial-based organizations to large national and international clients. I love teaching Internal Auditors and now, with the way things are lately, I do this remotely working with participants over Zoom. I am an active member in the quality industry and I am currently the Secretary of the Audit Division, a member of the Technical Programming Committee for World Conference on Quality and Improvement and I am Chair of the Training and Development Content Management Committee for the Quality Management Division. Check out my recorded webinar for the Audit Division, "Audit Like a Leader" to reboot your audit soft skills.

On weekends you can find me in a kayak on a lake or enjoying ice cream with my family. If we aren't connected on MyASQ, send me a friend request - we all need a network!

Hello. I work at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Virginia. We have a small manufacturing group that built our original accelerator and performs regular upgrades to increase it's overall power. Our group also builds accelerator components for other accelerators in the US and CERN. I am also leading the effort to obtain an ISO9001 certification for our manufacturing group. Because its a small group, I wear many hats and have responsibility for Internal Auditing, Doc Management, Corrective Actions, and NCRs.

Previous to this job, I was the Quality Manager for the construction of containment vessels at the Vogtle 3 & 4 nuclear power plants in Georgia. That quality program had to meet the requirements of ASME NQA-1, ASME BPV Section 3, and 10CFR50 App B. In that role, I performed or supervised all Internal and Supplier Audits.

Hi Jacob! Welcome to the community. I think we can all associate with your comment of “wearing many hats". We certainly do that, don't we? This is a great discussion forum for you to use to post questions, we would love to hear more from you. Thanks for posting.


My name is Matt Layell and I am in Eastern North Carolina.

I've been in manufacturing for over thirty years and in the aviation industry for that last seventeen. I worked in many different roles and have been in quality systems for the last ten. I work for GE Aviation and am interested in getting more involved with ASQ. I'm not exactly sure how or where to start but I am passionate about the QS/ISO role. I look forward to hearing from others.