Volunteer Opportunities for Audit Division
Just wondering if there are any volunteer opportunities in the Audit Division, especially on Technical topics/activities. In the past I volunteered for test writing/review, and have been a book reviewer (Audit Handbook). I have also served on Standard committees ISO 19011 and ISO 13485. Anyone have any ideas, or need any assistance?
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Hi! Thank you for your question on MyASQ. Although I am not sure we have official board positions available, we are considering many new volunteer positions in the near future. The Audit Division is always looking for volunteers, why not submit a resume and we can see where there is a good fit.

Send me your contact information and I can put this forward at our meeting next week, thanks!

Susan Gorveatte, ISO 9001 Specialist, Trainer, Consultant, Auditor
Ph: 902-434-9003 |

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Hi Susan,
I sent you an email via your business info email with my details. Looking forward to hearing from you and your team.

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