Creating Online ISO 9001 Management and Auditing Course
I am looking for some participation in a Project I am currently developing. I hope this request is appropriate for this thread. 

Hello, My Name is Richard Tanner and I have been in quality in one capacity or another for the past 20 years. I now have an itch to teach what I know and have learned over the years. One thing I have learned the best projects are done within a team - with participation from others. Why? Our perspectives tend to be one-sided and others bring to the table things each of us either never thought about or forgot over the years as we grew comfortable in our roles.

I am putting together an online course on managing and auditing to ISO 9001:2015. Though I have taught this many times over the years face to face - online is different. In a classroom setting there is this immediate interaction (should be) with the students. If one wants more emphasis on a particular topic he/she gets it. Or they want coverage on a related topic - they get it. (For the most part).

So, my request is that I get some volunteers to put together a one minute video speaking about what they would like to be covered, emphasized, feel is missing from your typical course on this subject.

If you are interested, Let me know and I will send you more info: video guidelines, order of topic discussion, etc... (With your permission I will use these videos as part of my intro to the course as well as to tailor the course to these specifics you cover.

Not only will I be addressing the standard and its requirements, I will also endeavor to go in-depth in certain areas I feel are lacking based on my experience.
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Amanda Foster
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I would be willing to help out. Send me the details.
I have now receive all the assistance needed. 

Though it strange how I received more response on the Quality Management Forum than this forum.