Most useful reference materials for CQA exam?
I will be traveling and taking the CQA exam away from home. I would like to be efficient in what reference materials I take with me, as well as it'll be at the computer testing center, so space will be limited.
What CQA BoK references did folks find most useful beyond the ASQ Code of Ethics, ASQ Auditing Handbook (4th ed.), ISO 19011:2018, and the Internal Auditing Pocket Guide (2nd ed.)?
I appreciate your input & experience.

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The most valuable study  material for me is the GLOSSARY.
I used the CMQ/OE text book glossary to study for the CQA.
So, what ever material you used for your class preparation will have a glossary. Use that!
I'll second Heather's recommendations.  I recertified just yesterday and the ASQ Auditing Handbook was my only reference.  
Will Leonard