Supplier Vetting and Approved Vendor Listing

Wondering about the process of getting supplier into the Approved Vendor Listing (AVL), and
ensuring supplier quality risk assessment and quality approval happens prior to the purchasing of
goods/services by the Purchasing/Other Department.
What is the correct sequence of events (Best Practices) that ought to happen, and some of
the challenges and struggles you've had with non-quality actors in ensuring things happen
the right way?

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I would recommend you refer to the GHTF SG3/N17:2008 Supplier guidance. You can find this excellent document covering Supplier Management. The document can be found at under documents, GHTF Final Documents Study Group 3.

this is the current document supported by IMDRF and it’s member countries.

Thanks, Edwin. That's a fabulous source for great information.

Hello Bill,
Thanks for the post. May I request posting on LinkedIn on the RISK Management. I think the members of the group can benefit.
Jack Dhuwalia