Lets celebrate World Quality Month!

Find resources for a quality party at:


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Being pretty new at my organization I didn't have much time to pull together a plan. But here's what I have.


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Week of 08-Nov-2021

Until Thursday 8:30 am

Quality Bingo

All employees

We will send out a BINGO card for quality topics. Mark off what you see, hear and do during the week. Send back for a chance to win a prize

Until Thursday 8:30 am

Slogan writing competition

Voluntary participation

Employees submit entries for slogans for Quality Day with a picture


11:15 am

What Quality Means to Me

Voluntary participation from Leaders

Short (3 minute) what quality means to me

11:40 am

What Quality Means to Us

All employees

Slide show on folks' slogans and give awards for Bingo

WOW! Great job Jeremiah! Definitely looks like fun :-) A REAL QUALITY JOB!!

I wonder what would you have done if you weren't "new at your organization"!!!😀